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FARMASi has the #1 Highest Paying Compensation Plan in Direct Sales in the United States. Sure, we all say that right? But, where else have you heard of a company that gives you 50% commission from DAY ONE on all your personal sales, gives you 50% discount from DAY ONE...and, gives you the opportunity to move that 50% on both up to even more with a Team??

I triple dare you to find one.

Let's go over the Perks again...

  • Join for $19.99 USD

  • 50% discounts on all of your purchases 

  • No monthly or yearly fees

  • Eligible for inside incentives

  • Earn 50% commission on Customer Sales

  • Reach 125 PV to earn bonuses

  • Earn additional Team based rewards described below..

Building a Team with Farmasi

Are you required to build a team when you join FARMASi?


No! You do not have to build a team. If you are someone who prefers to join and stay on the selling side of the business rather than the recruiting side, you can absolutely do that. FARMASi's amazing compensation plan pays their influencers very well. 


You will make 50% sharing with your Customers.

But, if you choose to build a Team...there are so many other ways to earn. This is the best way to maximize the compensation plan.

Wouldn't it be nice to pay for that cell phone each month, your rent, your car, or a nice vacation with the family? Maybe you have the desire to work full time from home?

This can all be possible if you work for it.

It is entirely up to YOU. This is your business.

Whether you decide to fly solo or build you a team of incredible rockstars - I will be here with all the support you need!!

Welcome Program &
Team Building 

In your first four months, if you achieve the required personal volume (PV) of the program each month, you will earn FREE cosmetics!!


For each Beauty Influencer that joins your team, that gets active ($125 PV) in the first or second month they will earn CASH!! 

Future Reference:

PV = Personal Volume (you and your customer's purchases at wholesale)

GV = Monthly Group Volume (the total of all your team's sales and purchases at wholesale)

Personal Bonus / Group Bonus

You cannot talk about Personal Bonus without talking about Group Volume (GV).

As previously mentioned, you earn/save 50% on your own Personal Volume (PV). But, you have the chance to earn up to an additional 25% bonus on those items if your group (including you) reaches certain wholesale levels. These bonuses are known as Personal and Group Bonuses.

For instance, on the chart to the right

If you and your Team sold $900 wholesale combined... YOU would earn a 12% Personal Bonus on top of your 50% commission.

Personal Bonus_edited.jpg

Leadership Bonuses
and More!

Once you reach the 25% level, there are several other ways to earn money.

Join my Opportunity Group for more information...

Car Allowance
& Cash Bonus

FARMASi pays out a monthly "Car Allowance" according to your level with the Company...and they pay you CASH so you can do with it as you please! 

FARMASi also pays out a one time CASH BONUS directly to you for each rank when you achieve your titles and maintain that title for a specified period of time. 

**To achieve a title and earn a car allowance and the cash bonuses you must maintain that rank 3 consecutive months


Leadership Ranks

How cool is it that the top ranks include President and BOSS??

In order to rank at a certain level, you must maintain that level for three months. During the first two months, you are called a "Manager".

But, when you reach the third month...BOOM, DIRECTOR!!

And, some cool CASH TO BOOT....

Where do you want to be a year from now?


Contact me to join my Opportunity Group and decide later

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