Who is Dr. C. Tuna, and How Did This All Start?

Dr. C. Tuna was born in 1923, in Edirne, Turkey. He was the 7th oldest of 9 siblings, all of whom were motivated to learn as much as they could. Dr. Tuna attended Medical School in Germany, before serving his Country as the only Lieutenant Physician in the military until 1950, when he returned home to Turkey.

His first venture was a pharmaceutical company so he could continue to help people as he had done in the war. He took his time with his formulations, and established the first “Analysis Laboratory” in Turkey. He eventually sold the shares in this Company, and between 1977 and 1955, he spent time importing raw materials into Turkey for use in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. These materials were used in about 13,500 Pharmacies throughout Turkey.

Dr. C. Tuna’s son, Omer Hakan Tuna, joined the family business in 1998 where he created Tanalize Cosmetics. After learning from Dr. Tuna about the business, including production and executive operations, Omer Hakan Tuna took over as President. It was a proud moment for the second generation to take over the helm of the business.

Now, for many years this business operated as a “private label” cosmetics manufacturer for many large retail chains. With the high level of quality standards expected by these large operations, Omer began looking even further into quality standards, especially since he came from a pharmaceutical background.

In 2003, he founded Farmasi Cosmetics. He loved the name because it reflected his desire to produce pharmaceutical quality products. Initially, Farmasi was sold by the traditional retail channel to stores in more than 125 Countries.

However, in 2010, Farmasi started to focus on the Direct Sales Channels. Many companies choose this route so that products can reach their intended market in ways that sitting on a shelf never could. With using Beauty Influencers, they provide a service to clients to ensure that they purchase the right products for their needs, and educate customers on benefits. After record breaking growth, Farmasi has now turned its focus to direct selling as its primary business.

In 2016, the third generation of the Tuna Family entered the business. Omer’s son Emre Tuna joined the company… soon to be followed by his brother Sinan Tuna (who is now President of North American Operations). The Company continues to be family owned, and managed by this third generation to this day.

As all this growth continued, investments were made in the factory in Turkey. Currently, they manufacture over 2,000 products (including Dr. C. Tuna’s personal formulation series) from owning the farms that the ingredients come from, the manufacturing, the packaging, and the distribution. They have opened operations in Miami, Florida and Poland. This. This is why they can offer the fabulous products at affordable prices. There is no middle man to pay.

Sadly, Dr. C. Tuna passed away in 2017… but, his legacy now reaches 25 different Countries around the world. Making this a truly global company. They expanded into the USA in 2019, and plan on moving into Canada and Mexico in early 2021.

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