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See how FARMASi is changing the game.


Who is FARMASi?

Why Join FARMASi?

FARMASi is an international beauty and personal care product manufacturing company. They are located in Istanbul Turkey where they have been in business for over 70 years. They currently sell over 2,000 products retail to more than 125 Countries, and since 2010 have been focusing on Direct Sales in over 25 Countries around the world.

Furthermore, they launched in Canada & Mexico in October of 2021.


With the expansion into the United States in February 2019, FARMASi is currently seeing exponential growth. They are currently ranked #26 in the Top 100 Direct Sales Companies in the world. They are also ranked #3 in the Fastest Growing Direct Sales Companies in the world.


Their product line-up includes:

  • High Quality Cosmetics

  • Green Cleaning Products

  • Personal Care Items

  • Eyelashes 

  • Skin Care

  • Men's Personal Care Items

  • Haircare

  • Fragrances

  • Nutriplus Health & Wellness Line


FARMASi has exceeded my expectations and has topped my list of requirements for a profitable business. I have gone through the Compensation Plan with a fine tooth comb.

FARMASi currently has the #1 Highest Paying Compensation Plan in Direct Sales in the United States. It pays more than any other company in this industry. 

Here are a few of the benefits offered:

  • Ground floor Opportunity

  • 50% commission on all customer purchases

  • 50% discount on all your own purchases

  • Low low start up cost ($19.99 USD)

  • $125 PV within 6 months to maintain influencer status

  • $125 PV monthly in order to be Team bonus eligible.

  • Personal/Group bonuses 

  • Leadership bonuses

  • Car bonuses

  • Cash bonuses for hitting ranks

  • And, so much more.

Lots more here on how to earn an income

Why join Me?

I am an Experienced Leader

Have you ever come across these types of leaders?

  • The Bossy Leader

  • The Pushy Leader

  • The Conflict Avoidance Leader

  • The Disappearing Leader

Leadership can play a huge part in whether a person succeeds or quits. I have been in this industry for 5 years, and I have seen all types of leadership styles.

My style is more oriented. I want you to be YOU... and to succeed on your own terms.

I will be there to support you and to provide you the tools you need. I will empower you to be the best version of yourself.

I strongly advocate that you join with a person whom you feel most connected with. Find someone who you relate to. Someone you feel will be a great leader for you. This is the first important step in becoming successful in your business.


You want a leader who invests and believes in YOU!!



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